About Hempworx

At Hemp Worx,  our CBD products utilize the full spectrum Cannabis plant mixed with Hemp Seed oil. Not all hemp is created equal. Our CBD Oil is made from NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE, CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil.

In our experience, a full spectrum plant gives the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) the full cannabinoid profile of CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, in order to substantiate the health claims. We have over 120 cannabinoids in our CBD formulas which perfectly inhibits the CB2 receptors in the body. While our competitors have gone the most cost effective route and have skimped on ingredients & formula, we are 100% committed to providing the most potent, most pure, and most effective Hemp products on the market. Due to our farming, science, and unique formulations, the HempWorx products are trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers around the globe!

How does CBD work in the human body?

CBD or cannabidiol is the main active compound in hemp, and unlike THC, it is not psychoactive, so it doesn’t make people high. As you know, inside the human body there’s the endocannabinoid system, with receptors spread throughout the brain and body.


With our HempWorx line, our products utilize a Full Spectrum CBD formulated with Hemp Seed Oil. For the first time in 1964, CBD isolation was reported and it was the beginning of cannabinoid synthesisation. Originally, this synthesis started on CBG, but since CBG is present in most of the Cannabis types in small amounts, the majority of the research was concentrated on THC and CBD. Besides the Cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in nature, pharmaceutical companies have synthesized cannabinoid compounds in order to market leading drugs in the pharmaceutical market. Some of these chemically modified drugs do not have psychoactive effects, but retain some of the health benefits from the cannabinoid properties. However, some of these synthetic drugs can have a life-threatening adverse effect, or cause other issues in the human body. Phytocannabinoids, on the other hand, have been used for many years, and no life-threatening side effects have ever been reported. 

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Pure Hemp

About Pure Hemp

Pure Hemp offer a wide range of CBD products and have quickly expanded there line to include cooking supplies, sprays, and even protein powders.

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CBD Full Spectrum - 1500mg Natural Flavor
CBD Full Spectrum Oil

CBD Syrup - Blueberry 200mg
CBD Syrup
Swapple Cartridges - 200mg
Swapple Cartridges
CBD Lollipop – Sour Apple 50mg
CBD Lollipops
CBD Gummies - Cherry Bomb 300mg
CBD Gummies
CBD Energy & Focus Oral Spray - 60mg
CBD Oral Spray
CBD Extract Capsules - 750mg
CBD Extract Capsules
Salted Caramel CBD Spray For Weight Loss
CBD Weight Loss Spray
CBD Sleep Spray - 60mg
CBD Sleep Spray
CBD Freeze Cold Therapy Pain Rub - 50mg
CBD Freeze Pain Rub
CBD Pet Food Spray - 100mg
CBD Pet Spray

Collagen Retinol + CBD Revive Cream
CBD Revive Cream
CBD Pet Treats - 150mg
CBD Pet Treats
CBD Under Eye Cream
CBD Under Eye Cream
CBD Protein Powder - Chocolate 300mg
CBD Protein Powder
CBD Honey - 250mg
CBD Honey
Super Strength Salve -  150mg
Super Strength Salve
Pain Relief Roll On Gel - 100mg
CBD Pain Relief Roll On
CBD Ultra Body Moisturizing Butter - 20mg
CBD Body Butter
CBD Infused Lip Balm - Peppermint
CBD Infused Lip Balm
Lavender CBD Bath Bomb - 25mg
CBD Bath Bomb
Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells
CBD Anti Ageing Cream
CBD Anti-Stress Pet Spray - 60mg
CBD Anti Stress & Calming Pet Spray
CBD Joint Pain Pet Spray - 60mg
CBD Joint & Pain Support Pet Spray
Pet Shampoo - 20mg
CBD Pet Shampoo
CBD Health & Wellness Pet Spray - 60mg
CBD Health & Wellness Pet Spray
Skincare Facial Cleanser
CBD Facial Cleanser
Skincare Facial Toner
CBD Toner
AM-PM Cream
Olive Oil - 250mg
CBD Olive Oil
Night Skin Rejuvenator Cream
CBD Night Cream
Tattoo Aftercare Cream
CBD Tattoo Aftercare Cream
Vegetable Oil - 250mg
CBD Vegetable Oil
CBD Chili Oil - 250mg
CBD Chilli Oil
Balsamic Vinaigrette  - 250mg
CBD Balsamic Vinagrette
CBD Ground Coffee - Medium Roast - 90mg
CBD Ground Coffee
CBD Cold Brew Coffee - 20mg
CBD Cold Coffee
CBD Double Chocolate Cookies - 200mg
CBD Cookies
CBD Milk Chocolate Bar - 400mg
CBD Choclate

Growing Elite Marijuana

The Ultimate Guide to The World’s Best Marijuana Growing System

Unlike other grow bibles, this is a full tutorial that cuts to the chase.

It’s a step-by-step guide to getting flawless grow and incredibly potent bud every time.

It breaks down every process in order, telling you exactly what you need to succeed.

By the end of the book, you’ll know exactly what you need to grow the perfect bud—from seeds, strains, lighting, soil to harvesting.

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how much yield can I produce growing

Free Bonus #1 – The Cannabis Care Manual

weed plant problems

Free Bonus #2 – The Marijuana Growing Quick-Start Guide

grow forums

Free Bonus #3 – The Stoner’s Cookbook

how to make your own cannabutter
marijuana smoking recipes

Free Bonus #4 – The Ultimate Strain Guide

best marijuana grow book for beginners

Free Bonus #5 – Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices

homemeade smoking devices

Free Bonus #6 – Ganja Etiquette

ganja girls smoking

Free Bonus #7 – Deadly Marijuana Growing Mistakes

top growing mistakes marijuana

Free Bonus #8 – Marijuana Security Blackbook

marijuana privacy security

Free Bonus #9 – Exclusive 420 Membership Club Card

marijuana club card

Green Cultured

About Green Cultured

The cannabis industry changes constantly. That’s why we’re here. We offer a variety of training solutions to help you meet your goals. With the help of our Subject Matter Experts and training technologies, we stay up-to-date on all the latest trends and changes in the cannabis industry, so you don’t have to. Everyone has unique training objectives, so a one-size-fits-all training solution just won’t cut it for your needs.

Based in Denver, Colorado, founded in 2012 ‘at the heart’ of the cannabis industry and we are a training provider for ‘all things’ in the cannabis industry. It’s a place where you can learn how to train like a pro, connect with industry experts, and get the strategies and tools you need to grow your business to new heights.

We’ve become one of the cannabis industry’s most TRUSTED voices by sharing the best of what works in training. Every organization has unique business objectives, so a one-size-fits-all training solution just won’t cut it for your needs. 

Our ‘product’ is a plug-and-play total training solution that is unlike any other options in the cannabis industry. We manage all the ‘moving parts’ and removed the guesswork from creating a training solution to help make rapid business growth available to EVERYONE in your organization.

If you’re operating in the cannabis industry or are a government entity, we can help you to create an effective training solution that improves learner performance, reduces risk, and increases the bottom-line of your operations. Best of all, we know our advice works because we actually DO this stuff every day.

The cannabis industry changes constantly. That’s why we’re here. We established Green CulturED as the ‘answer’ for business owners who are DISSATISFIED with the training options available in the cannabis industry.

As a total eLearning solution provider, we’re a smart, innovative company helping others in the cannabis industry SOLVE their training needs. Leave the heavy lifting to us! Bottom-line, we can handle all-things cannabis that you need, now and tomorrow.

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Cannabis Cultivation
Cannabis Cultivation
Cannabis Chemistry
Cannabis Chemistry
Medical Aspects
Medical Aspects
Retail Dispensary
Retail Dispensary
Industry Certifications
Industry Certifications
Government Compliance
Government Compliance
Cannabis Studies
Cannabis Studies


About CBD Gum

Purchasing Cannabidiol (CBD) products online, that are right for you and your health, is a big decision. After all, who knows more about what your body needs than you? Looking around the web to buy CBD oil products can be daunting, especially since the industry is so young, and wrought with misinformation.

This is why CBDGum.NetworkofHemp.com was created: to provide to you the best opportunity to improve your health with all natural, non-GMO, and pesticide-free hemp based CBD rich products. Harsh chemicals or solvents ARE NOT USED when obtaining the high CBD hemp oil found in the products we sell on this site. Supercritical Fluid Extraction is the method of choice, which utilizes highly pressurized CO2 within a closed system under cold temperatures to preserve the nutritional profile of the hemp plant, passing all of that nutrition on to you.
Buy CBD Oil From Reputable Growers And Manufacturers
Currently, companies involved in the production of hemp and cannabis varieties do not have a single source for genetic purity, consistency and cannabinoid profiles. Just as a brother and sister are made from the same parents, their genetic make up has slight enough differences to create two unique and amazing people. And that same principle goes for the hemp plant. Using top quality genetics, in conjunction with the knowledge of multi-generational hemp farmers, we now offer you access to premium CBD Rich Hemp Oil products shipped directly to your door. You can rest assured when you buy CBD oil products from us, you will receive the highest quality with the fastest shipping times on the net.

At this time, we have many product lines that contain high quality hemp CBD oils, and we are adding more all the time:

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CBD Beverages
CBD Beverages
CBD Capsules
CBD Capsules

CBD Edibles
CBD Edibles
CBD Tinctures And Drops
CBD Tinctures and Drops
CBD Topicals
CBD Topicals
CBD Vaporizers
CBD Vaporizers
High CBD Hemp Oil
High CBD Hemp Oil
Terpene Infused Products
Turpene Infused Products